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MsSqlToAccess - Import SQL Server to Access. Main features: 1.Easy visual configuration
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19 November 2014

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This is a software tool that helps in data migration from MS SQLserver database to MS Access.

MsSqlToAccess is a software tool to let you export data from SQL Server to Access easily and quickly. This is not a tool for everyone. The database administrators and developers working on these databases are the audience. The whole transfer process is automated through the wizard based interface. The simplicity and ease of use of the interface is the strength of the program. It can be set up so easily! You choose a schema and a destination filename. Since the file structure is different in Access 2007 and beyond, you have to make a choice if you want MDB or ACCDB file type for the destination file. Once the schema is chosen, you get a display of all the tables with additional information that gets filled in when transfers are completed.

All the tables are displayed with checkboxes. You select the ones you want and get the export initiated. As each table is transferred, you get the display updated by destination table name, how many rows of data it had and a “done” message. The lower part of the display area shows a progress bar and on a separate tab, logs of the process. Tthe logs will prove to be useful when any debug is to be done, something having gone wrong during a transfer. Multiple tables could be transferred at a time. Other ways the export can be done is through query, through the command line and scheduling the transfers. Session parameters can be saved and reused. Unicode support makes it possible to use with any kind of language based data.

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MsSqlToAccess - Import SQL Server to Access. MsSqlToAccess is a data conversion tool that helps database user to convert SQL Server data to Access database.
The main features are:
1. Easy visual configuration -- just click on the mouse.
2. Displays progress through time estimation.
3. Converts data quickly and smoothly.
4. Saves you a ton of time.
5. Converts from both table and query.
6. Converts multiple tables in one time.
7. Execute via command line and scheduled, this can help automate tasks.
8. Tow mode: Wizard - step by step; Direct import - efficient.
Version 2.4
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